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Search Engine Optimisation Tip: Google +

Google +

Google + offers more than a social network

Google +  is the social networking service operated by Google and it’s great for helping businesses with their online presence and search engine optimisation (SEO).

Google + individual news posts are listed under Google search, unlike Facebook and Twitter etc.

Helping your search engine rankings

The Google+ news posts will appear in the search listings and can help with your search engine rankings. Win!!

Google+ is a great tool to help your business get found online.. and there is more...

Google + Local

Google + Local focuses on your business location and your local area.  Complete your business profile including specifics about your business services will help potential customers find you.

Linking your Google + and Google Local listings together creates a unified presence with Google Products.

Make sure you create your listings for your business and tell Google and the world what you do.  Get started today - click here

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