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Where does your business appear on internet search rankings?

We have been busy checking our clients' internet rankings across search engines (google, bing and yahoo) and getting some great results.

Internet Search Ranking Results

Position 2 -
Google (Page 1)

Client A - has one of their best selling products appearing in position 2 on first page of Google search .  A well known UK store selling the same product ranks 6 places below.

500% improvement in ranking visibility

Client B – we updated their website 2 weeks ago and already there has been a significant improvement in their Google visibility score for the keywords we are monitoring.

100% improvement in ranking visibility

Client C - has a 5 page website.  We made minimal changes to their website, adding text to key places the search engines look for information. Already there is a 100% increase in visibility for their keywords across Google.

Example Screen Shot From Our Rank Tracking Software




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Free Website Ranking Report

Our website ranking report will let you clearly see where your website ranks on the main search engine with comparison against competitors.

What we need to know
Send an email to with the following information:-

1.    Your business name 
2.    Business website
3.    Your name
4.    Contact email address
5.    Competitors websites - up to 4 websites
6.    Keywords you think people would use to find your website - up to 10 keywords*

We will collate the keyword ranking report and send it back to you via email. 
* keywords are the terms people enter to find your business on the search engines for example to find Bright Chilli you can type in website optimisation dundee, book-keeping tayside, seo tayside

T&C - business website must be located in the UK.