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Email Marketing your business

Email marketing your business

Questions we are often asked by business owners:-

  1. How can I get more visitors to our website?
  2. My business posts on Facebook aren’t reaching as many people as they did before, what should I do?
  3. I don’t get many repeat sales from our online customers.

To help with the points raised above, email marketing is a really useful tool to build into your Marketing Strategy to connect with your customers, clients or prospects eg:-

  • Sending an email eg newsletter/ promoting offers/new stock or services can act as a reminder about your business.  
  • It is also an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise or convey news that may interest the recipient.

And there's more..

  • You can clearly track the effectiveness of the mail campaign by tracking the click throughs to website and other links etc.
  • Personalise your message content by sending targeted message to customer segments.
  • Assists in growing your mailing list when you gain new subscribers.

Are You Sending The Right Message?  
Read this great article by Hubspot - "How To Create a Fantastic Email Newsletter [Checklist]"

Write a great headline on your email
180 power words for headlines from co.schedule to help you create a fantastic headline.

Low cost and effective
Email marketing is a cost effective method to communicate and market your business.  There are many email marketing providers and emails can be sent out either free or at low cost depending on volumes (we like mailchimp).

We recently published our   own newsletter   (will open in a new window)

We recently published our own newsletter (will open in a new window)

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Sign up for the Bright Chilli Newsletter Today

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