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Website Optimisation / SEO

"My website looks good, but we don't get enough enquiries"

We regularly hear this from new clients.  Your website may look visually appealing for browsing and shopping. However the search engines need more than visual appeal to include your website in search engine results.


Indications your website may need optimised:-

  • Website isn't appearing at the start or near the top of the search results.

  • The website isn't generating enquiries or sales.


It is vital that your web site includes essential elements to enable the search engine to understand your site, products or services.  By not utilising these elements puts your site at a disadvantage and reduces the chances of you ranking well in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Getting Results with SEO

The target for keywords to appear on search engine ranking results is page 1 and even better if positions 1 to 3 on page 1 in Google, Bing etc.

We can track and monitor your keyword ranking positions and also compare your ranking against competitors.

We Don't Break SEO Rules

Google are constantly updating their algorithms to improve their search results for users and many websites have been penalised following the recent updates.

We follow Google guidelines to ensure our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategies are compliant and don't use black hat services.  

Not Just the Push of a Button

We use a selection of premium software tools to audit and review websites.  As a double check we also manually review certain elements when auditing and researching sites.

This helps us provide a great overview combining our knowledge and experience to advise clients.


SEO Strategies

It is essential to create a plan with clear goals when updating a website, the plan is continually reviewed and monitored to track progress.

For example:- 

  • Increase internet traffic

  • Improve internet search rankings

  • Improve your website keywords (Learn more about keywords)

  • Increase online sales revenue

Below are a few examples of areas we review when optimising a website :-

  • Keyword Analysis Review and Suggestions - Ensuring you are using the relevant keywords/terms users will enter to find your business online via your keywords / locations.

  • Where Do You Rank On The Search Engines? - we create reports to enable us to benchmark and track your progress which highlights areas for improvement.

  • Competitor Review - we create reports to compare your website rankings with your competitors which highlights areas for improvement.

  • Website Content Review - making sure the essential components for search engines are included on the web pages.

  • Website Error Review - checking the site for no response pages, website structural elements

  • Website analytics and tools - determining bounce rates, page load times which can also indicate problems with site.

  • If Sales conversions are a problem we can review your page layout and Call To Actions (CTA) to make sure it is clear to the user what you are expecting them to do on the page.

  • Optimisation changes can take between 30-120 days to show improvement depending on content revised etc.

Free Website Ranking Report

Where does your business appear on the search engine rankings? How does your site rank compared with your competitors? We offer a free website ranking report – email or call Sara 07894 098132

Website Analytics - Every business with a website should have their site tracked with some form of analytics so you can measure and manage performance. 

Get in touch

There are many factors to take into account when optimising a website and there is no “one size fits all” solution. We tailor our services for each client and advise on the best course of action to improve your search results, please contact Sara via email or call 07894 098132

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