Social Media

Implementing social media strategies to promote your business news and offers online can also boost your internet search rankings and chances of being found online. 

Creating social media streams or starting a blog for your business allows you to have a dialogue with your customers and prospective customers.   

Use your news posts to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge will let people know how great your business is.

There are many social media sites and deciding which site(s) to use is important.  A business should select sites where there customers are most likely to reside and communicate with them there.  

Below are a small selection of the sites available:

  • Key social media sites - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest and more depending on target audience.

  • Video sites can be useful for demonstrating your work eg YouTube , Vimeo and people are using video sites as search engines as well

  • Blog/Blogging sites - eg Wordpress or including a blog within your current website.


How can we help?

We will setup and configure relevant social media sites

Provide training and guidance for posting news articles

Free copy of our social media content planner


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