Case Study - Marketing Services

Business Required:-

  • Increase Transaction Frequency
  • Increase Customer Numbers

Using the 4 ways to grow a business and applying our skills and knowledge.  The following gives an overview of what we achieved for the following business.

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Key Elements Included:-

  • Website development (first website for the business)
  • Marketing strategy
  • Develop online presence for the business to raise awareness


Stage 1

  • Detailed keyword research completed to ensure new website would attract potential customers using search engines.
  • In-depth review of competitor websites

Stage 2

  • Website text content provided by client was optimised to ensure the new website is search engine friendly to rank well in search results.
  • Wordpress website (content management software) was developed with strong emphasis / marketing message for potential customers
    • customers receive a personal service
    • the benefits of selecting our client are clearly outlined 
  • Comprehensive SEO (search engine optimisation) deployed in key areas throughout the website to boost search engine rankings.
  • Marketing strategies developed 
  • Local search strategy implemented across key online sites
  • Social media accounts optimised

Stage 3

  • Provided WordPress training to enable client to update their website and create news posts 


  • Website launched.
  • Keywords ranked high on search engines appearing above competitors within 6 weeks.
  • Our client is often appearing more than once on search engine results for keywords due to the local search strategies implemented.  
  • Monitoring 42 keywords during project and results at end of 5th month
    • 11 keywords (26%) are appearing Google page 1, position 1 to 3
    • 28 keywords (67%) are appearing Google page 1, position 1 to 10
    • remainder of the keywords are in the top 100 eg up to Google page 10.
  • Sales enquiries have increased since the website launch
  • Sales enquiries are coming in from different parts of the country due to website

  • Sales have increased

  • Following an email marketing strategy there has been repeat business from existing clients