Case Study - Manufacturing

Business Required:-

  • Increase effectiveness of processes
    within the business.

Using the 4 ways to grow a business and applying our skills and knowledge.  The following gives an overview of what we achieved for the following business.

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Key Elements Included:-

  • Better financial management information required as business was growing rapidly
  • Cashflows to forecast bank funding requirement 
  • Project profitability reporting (job costing)


  • Cashflow system updated - daily and weekly cashflow monitoring of bank transactions to work within bank facilities.
  • Purchase ordering system implemented to ensure all areas of business have correct information.
    updated to ensure purchase orders are sent to the accounts department 
  • Project costing implemented. All sales and expenditure relating to individual projects are specifically tracked through the accounts system.


  • Purchase order system improvements allow the accounts team to factor expenditure variation accurately in the cashflow forecast.
  • Cashflow projections are now more realistic including the purchase orders in the forecast.
  • Business owner better able to monitor impact of change on existing bank facilities
  • Monthly management accounts reporting updated. Layout of Profit and Loss monthly management accounts updated to clearly define the different project and cost centres in the business and gross margin %.
  • Project costing reports show Profit/Loss per contracts and are reviewed in conjunction with the monthly management accounts.