Case Study - Retail - Jeweller 2

Business Required:-

  • Increase customers
  • Review effectiveness of each processes

Using the 4 ways to grow a business and applying our skills and knowledge.  The following gives an overview of what we achieved for the following business.

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In 2008 as the price of gold was starting to rise. The business owner thought there may be an opportunity to develop an add-on to his business for consumers to cash in their gold in his store and online.  There was a small window of opportunity to maximise returns before the large organisations came along and dominated the market.

Phase 1 Implemented - Local marketing and customer acquisition

  • Designed a leaflet to raise awareness of new service with “call to action” to attract customers to store.
  • Created a brochure website to compliment flyers as a point of reference 


Approx 30,000 leaflets were delivered via leaflet drop throughout Tayside in 6 months and this resulted in large volume of customers visiting store to sell their jewellery.

Phase 2 Implemented Online marketing and customer acquisition (2 months later) 

  • Pay Per Click advertising strategy to drive customers to site
  • Purchased online banner ads on relevant sites
  • Search Engine Optimisation on website to drive organic searches via the internet
  • Other online marketing efforts to drive traffic and raise awareness of service
  • Created “Backoffice” systems to cope with customer service and support.  This ensured customers had 100% comfort regarding their jewellery when payment was due or jewellery to be returned. This included systems for paperwork from all the customer enquiries, payments made to customers via bacs, managing emails and customer reponses etc
  • Created customer referral club where referees were paid when introducing new customers
  • Outcome - 9 months campaign online resulted in

  • Business purchased jewellery via website from 1,250 customers located all over the UK
  • Within 18 months the client was priced out of the market on Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and no longer receiving sufficient conversion rates to make the cost of online marketing viable. 

    Over the next 3 years the website continued to run and a further 750 customers sold their jewellery with no additional advertising costs, they found the site via organic searches.

  • One off project 
    5 week project to sell branded watches supported by the brand's strong television advertising during the run up to Christmas 


    • Setup an online store with products well displayed and described
    • Payments were taken online via website or by telephone
    • Sales ordering system to ensure all orders went out in time for christmas  


    • 550 watches were sold in 5 wks.
    • We were top UK reseller of the brand of watches in the UK during 2 out of 5 weeks (source: watch supplier)