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Marketing | SEO | Website | Bookkeeping | Payroll | Dundee | Bright Chilli

Helping businesses increase customers and profit.

We can  help your business grow. Consultancy services at affordable rates. Internet marketing & Website solutions. Book-keeping & Payroll services. Dundee, Tayside.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Running a business is hard work
  • There are numerous demands on your time - multi tasking looking after customers/clients, day to day operations, marketing, finances and more
  • Being in charge can be lonely, how do you know you are making the best decisions for the business?
  • To grow the business you need to learn more but there isn’t enough time in the day/night as it is
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Are you looking for assistance to run a better business?

  • Focus when decision making 
  • Developing strategies
  • Problem solving 
  • Achieving results 
  • Learning relevant skills to implement in the business


Read on and find out how Bright Chilli can help

Our small team provide a bespoke service for our clients’ and we fulfil the skills gap each client requires (and often feel part of their team rather than consultants).

We offer a comprehensive range of technical skills required for running a business and have many years experience assisting a diverse range of clients.

Our tagline is "helping businesses increase customers and profits" which we do by following the principles of 4 ways to grow a business and looking at problems from a different perspective.

Below are problems we have heard from our clients' and we can help your businessview our case studies.

  • We need more customers
  • Our customers are spending less than they used to
  • Competitors making sales harder
  • Our customers don’t return as often as they used to
  • The website isn’t producing many sales
  • People can't find our website on search engines
  • Should I be using social media for my business?
  • We have cashflow pressures and unpaid bills mounting
  • There aren’t enough hours in the day to get through workload
  • I'm stressed and need help to focus on the best course of action for the business.
  Did you know there are     4 Ways to Grow a Business ?    

Did you know there are 
4 Ways to Grow a Business?


We tailor our services to suit your business needs eg business advice, business coaching, business mentoring or outsourcing.    

We are a small team of business consultants and offer the same high standards as a larger consulting firm at reduced cost from our office based in Dundee.

Contact us for a free informal jargon free chat - call 0844 736 5611 or email hello [at] brightchilli [dot] com

Spam Traffic In Google Analytics Is Increasing

Do Your Google Analytics Results Include Spam Referrers, Bots, Crawlers Or Ghosts?

We have spent time investigating different solutions to beat this problem and can retrieve more meaningful data for clients from their website.

Recent example - 88.5% of the data was spam in a 30 day period, comparing it against 11.5% with spam excluded via our data segments.

View indicators that your Google Analytics results may have been affected by spam