Case Study
Healthcare Professional

Business Required:-

  • Increase Customer Numbers
  • Increase effectiveness of processes within the business

Using the 4 ways to grow a business and applying our skills and knowledge.  The following gives an overview of what we achieved for the following business.

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Key Elements Included:-

  • Personnel systems
  • Systems to grow the business
  • Marketing strategies
  • Website development  (first website for the business)



  • Personnel systems for Recruitment :-
    • advertising for new staff in new roles for the business    
    • developing job descriptions    
    • creating systems for interviewing 
    • assisting with initial interviews
  • Implemented systems for new team members to follow  
  • Website developed to raise awareness of the business and promote niche services they provide
  • Website content and keywords Search Engine Optimised (SEO) to assist with ranking in search engines
  • Marketing strategies developed for different promotions /aspects of the business including email marketing, use of social media and promotions within the business
  • Social Media accounts optimised for increased exposure 


  • The personnel systems created provides the business owner with a structure to follow for future staff recruitment 
  • New team members are following the new systems  
    • The systems help the new employees understand their tasks quickly, whilst ensuring attention to detail is consistent with current team members and ultimately providing a high quality service to customers
    • The systems also strengthen the importance of their role within the business and part of the team
  • Website is working well for the business: new customers are contacting the business to enquire about services in more detail than before
  • Website keywords implemented ensure good coverage in local area which helps new customers find the business
  • Website ranking well on Google eg page 1 search results featuring higher than well known established competitors in local area.
  • Website ranking in top position of the local map listings for various keywords
  • Our client is often appearing more than once on a page for a keyword due to the local search strategies implemented
  • Increased new customer enquiries via website and marketing strategies
  • Increased customer numbers