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Do Your Google Analytics Results Include Spam Referrers, Bots, crawlers or Ghosts?

Spam Traffic In Google Analytics Is Increasing

We have spent time investigating different solutions to beat this problem and can retrieve more meaningful data for clients from their website.

Example below:- 

88.5% of the data was spam in a 30 day period, comparing it against 11.5% with spam excluded via our data segments.

Have you been paying attention to your Google Analytic results recently?

If your business depends on your website to find new customers or sell online, how can you drive your business if you are looking at inaccurate results?

Some indicators that your Google Analytics results may have been affected by spam, check your reports for the items below :-

  1. Audience: Geo, Location : viewed by country includes countries you may not expect eg Russia, Latvia, Armenia and the average session duration is usually 0:00 seconds.
  2. Acquisition: All Traffic, Source/Medium: some of the names below may appear (this list is growing*) and their average session duration is usually 0:00 seconds.
  • best-seo-offer,  best- seo-solution, blackhatwork, buttons-for-website, buy-cheap-online, darodar, event-tracking, free-share-buttons, free-social-buttons, get-free-traffic-now, hulfington-post, ilovevitaly, ranksonic, savetubevideo, social-buttons, variety of porn phrases and the list goes on.

3. Behaviour - Site Content, All Pages: look at index page (eg position 1 and /) larger than normal amount of sessions with a low average session duration.

* each time we run analytics reports we check for new sites, there are always new spam, bots, crawlers appearing.

Get a clearer picture of your site traffic and visitors to help you make decisions

Reviewing the results in the below which compares "All sessions (100%)" and "Sessions Spam Removed (35%)"

  1. Sessions - reduces from 266 to 92 
  2. New users - 61 -66% new visitor to site
  3. Bounce rate - reduces to 41.3% which is an improvement
  4. Pages per session increases to 3.15 which is better
  5. Avg session duration - jumps to 2.32 
 Google Analytics data with spam segments applied, the website sampled is small approx 6 pages of content.

Google Analytics data with spam segments applied, the website sampled is small approx 6 pages of content.

What are Google doing to stop this?

  Located in Admin, View Settings

Located in Admin, View Settings

There is a box you can tick in your Google Analytics account “Bot Filtering: exclude all hits from known bots and spiders".

But this isn’t helping reduce the volume of spam as some bots will bypass this system.

Remove the spam referrers, ghosts and bots from Google Analytic reports.

We offer a bespoke service to segment the spam from your Google Analytics data for £45+Vat.

  • We review your current reports,identify the invalid/spam entries and create custom segments to exclude the unwanted information
  • Our segment solution can also be applied to historical data for time frame comparisons.
  • No data is deleted from your Google Analytics Account

 For more information please contact Sara via email sara [at] brightchilli [dot]com or call 0844 736 5611

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