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Email marketing 

Email Marketing is a really useful tool to build into your Marketing Strategy to connect with your customers, clients or prospects.

Sending a regular email (eg email newsletter/ promoting offers/new stock or service ) can act as a reminder about your business.

It is also an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise or convey news that will interest the recipient.

Email marketing is a cost effective method to communicate and market your business.  

email marketing

We can help :- 

  • Suitable for businesses with or without a website. 
  • Build an "opt-ed in" mailing list - where the recipient agrees to receive your emails (sending spam email is a big no-no and can lead to your email account being blacklisted).
  • Setup and design email campaigns
  • Monitor the results of email campaigns

If you would like to find out more about email marketing for your business - please email or call 0844 736 5611

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