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Is your website working for your business?

Is your website working for your business?

A website should be more than just an online brochure for your business or a convenient place for people to look up your contact details.  It should be driving sales leads or bookings to help grow your business.

Some of the most common complaints about websites we hear when meeting business owners for the first time are:-

  1. Our website looks great but isn’t producing any enquiries
  2. We are appearing on page 5,6,7,8,9,10....... on search engines (eg google, bing)
  3. We can’t find our own products when we look online!

Case Study

We were approached by a client who had experienced problems with all the points above. Their website had been online for a couple of years but it wasn’t producing any sales enquiries.

Website Optimisation 

We undertook a review of the client’s current website and identified areas to optimise.  

  • The proposed changes would allow the search engines to understand the website and importantly include the business in search results (eg when a user types in a search request in the search engine).
  • We reviewed their main competitors’ websites to gain an insight into how they could rank higher in the search results.
  • We optimised the website by incorporating essential keywords and phrases into the website content in all the key areas the search engines refer to.
  • The client uses a content management system (CMS) for their website. Finally, we reviewed the site’s configuration and plugins and made improvements to make the site load faster.

How the Website Optimisation Has Helped the Business

Before we started the project, the website didn’t rank well on search engines (eg  Google and Bing) and didn’t appear within the top 100 for many of the popular keywords and phrases we reviewed.

Looking at our website monitor reports our client is now ranking higher or beside their competitors in search engine results with the keywords and phrases we started tracking at the start of the project.

Within the first 6 weeks there had been an increase in sales leads directly linked to the optimised website.

We are at the end of the fourth month following the website search engine optimisation.  This is traditionally a quiet time for sales leads as its “off season” for the client.  Enquiries are still coming in via the website from different areas in the UK they haven’t had leads from before.

Jargon Free Zone

At Bright Chilli we have a methodical approach and start with the immediate goals/needs of the business as a priority.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

If your website isn’t producing results contact us for an informal and jargon free chat.

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Google Analytics Academy Bright Chilli go back to school (via the internet !)

We have used Google Analytics for more years than we care to remember and use it daily to advise our clients.  

Google recently launched an online course Google Analytics Academy  and Sara worked through the course and achieved a 93% pass rate  :-) and picked up some useful tips during the course.

What is Google Analytics? 

Google Analytics is a free website tracking tool that provides useful statistics about how people interact with your website.

Website analytics are an essential part of the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and website development toolkit.

Looking at website statistics reveal how people interact with your website which helps provide insight and possible marketing opportunities, for example:

  • where the users came from? google search,bing search, facebook, twitter
  • what pages they looked at on your website?– home page, about us, product pages
  • how long did they stay on your website? – 0 seconds – 5minutes?
  • where the people live – Dundee, London, India, Australia
  • how often do people return to your website?

and much, much more.

Every business with a website should have their site tracked with some form of analytics so you can measure and manage performance.

If you want to know more about Google Analytics and how it can help your business email or call Sara on 0844 736 5611 

Search Engine Optimisation Tip: Google +

Google +

Google + offers more than a social network

Google +  is the social networking service operated by Google and it’s great for helping businesses with their online presence and search engine optimisation (SEO).

Google + individual news posts are listed under Google search, unlike Facebook and Twitter etc.

Helping your search engine rankings

The Google+ news posts will appear in the search listings and can help with your search engine rankings. Win!!

Google+ is a great tool to help your business get found online.. and there is more...

Google + Local

Google + Local focuses on your business location and your local area.  Complete your business profile including specifics about your business services will help potential customers find you.

Linking your Google + and Google Local listings together creates a unified presence with Google Products.

Make sure you create your listings for your business and tell Google and the world what you do.  Get started today - click here

More detailed explanation in article click here

Check out Bright Chilli's Google Plus Page

We can help with your loal search optimisation - click here

What do search engines display about your website?

Search Engine Optimisation Tip

Try this quick tip on a search engine

Go to Google or Bing and in the search bar type

The search results will appear with all the pages they have indexed for your website. 

  • Do your page titles and descriptions describe the content of each page clearly?
  • Do they include the keywords you are trying to promote?
  • Have you utilised all the space available for the text characters? 
  • Page title - 70 characters and page description - 150 characters

This is also the text that is picked up when you share a link from your website eg to Facebook

Try to make it as descriptive as possible including your business keywords. 

Remember... Search Engines Are Not Psychic!

You need to let them know about your business using descriptive keywords.

Screen shot from google search

Screen shot from google search

Free Website Optimisation Review

Not sure if your website has been fully optimised?  Send an email to hello[at]brightchilli[dot]com with a link to your website. 

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