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What happens to your profit when you change your sales price?

Find out how a small change in your selling price can have a dramatic impact on your gross profit and sales transactions.

Try our new online decision making tool - Impact of Price Change on Profit.

Its easy to use - you only need to enter 3 figures get started.


If you want to increase your price but are concerned that some customers will be resistant to the price rise – view how many sales transactions you can deduct to maintain the original gross profit using the software tool.


If you want to reduce your price and are concerned about the effect on your profit view how many additional sales transactions are required to maintain the original gross profit using the software tool.

Open Impact of Price Change on Profit Tool

Having worked in accountancy practices for a number of years we know it's what happens today and in the future that's important (not just the historical annual financial accounts).  Find out how. we can help your business.