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Do you ask your customers for Google+ Reviews?

Customer Reviews are an important factor for Search Engine Optimisation  

There are great Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) benefits when reviews are gathered on third party sites eg Google+, Qype, Yelp, Facebook etc.  When reviews are added directly to your own website it doesn't have the same benefits for SEO.

Free Custom Review Instructions

We have found this great free tool to print out instructions for your business to help customers submit Google reviews via smartphone, desktop and mobile browser.

There are 3 pdfs available for Google review instructions:-

  • Smartphone

  • Desktop

  • Mobile browser

Access the Review Handout Generator

When To Ask Your Customers for a Review

Every business will know the best timing for its own clients and customers. All you need to do is work out the timing of handing out the report to ask your customers eg after appointment or by email 5 days after appointment etc


Make sure you are accessing your Google+ page regularly to check your reviews.

Have you checked your Facebook Insights recently?

Facebook Page Views Decreased?

Many businesses are reporting their organic Facebook post reach has decreased.  This is due to changes by Facebook's algorithm, which means their business posts aren't appearing as often in news feeds.

Check your Facebook Page Insights to view how your posts are performing eg reach and engagement (clicks, likes, comments and shares) see example below.

Bright Chilli Facebook Insights page

Bright Chilli Facebook Insights page

Facebook Marketing Strategy

We help clients develop their marketing strategy and Facebook may be an important factor as there are different ideas that may be implemented.  

Please remember that Facebook have strict rules for pages running promotions and you must follow their guidelines which keep changing. (eg like and share competitions breach the rules just now) 

This great infographic highlights some of the marketing tips we share with our clients, download the full infographic (pdf) from  

If you have problems downloading the pdf please email and we will send a copy.


If you need assistance developing a marketing plan for your business or haven't yet developed a social media strategy (view social media training page) contact or call 0844 736 5611 for more information.



Search Engine Optimisation Tip: Google +

Google +

Google + offers more than a social network

Google +  is the social networking service operated by Google and it’s great for helping businesses with their online presence and search engine optimisation (SEO).

Google + individual news posts are listed under Google search, unlike Facebook and Twitter etc.

Helping your search engine rankings

The Google+ news posts will appear in the search listings and can help with your search engine rankings. Win!!

Google+ is a great tool to help your business get found online.. and there is more...

Google + Local

Google + Local focuses on your business location and your local area.  Complete your business profile including specifics about your business services will help potential customers find you.

Linking your Google + and Google Local listings together creates a unified presence with Google Products.

Make sure you create your listings for your business and tell Google and the world what you do.  Get started today - click here

More detailed explanation in article click here

Check out Bright Chilli's Google Plus Page

We can help with your loal search optimisation - click here

Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search launch is due in the UK any day now. 

This could be a useful feature for businesses being found online by users who will use Facebook as a search engine instead of Google.

Review the "About" section on your business page.  Does it outline what your business does?  Does the text contain words a user will type in to find a business like yours?  Double check your services/products or brands.