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Email Marketing your business

Email marketing your business

Questions we are often asked by business owners:-

  1. How can I get more visitors to our website?
  2. My business posts on Facebook aren’t reaching as many people as they did before, what should I do?
  3. I don’t get many repeat sales from our online customers.

To help with the points raised above, email marketing is a really useful tool to build into your Marketing Strategy to connect with your customers, clients or prospects eg:-

  • Sending an email eg newsletter/ promoting offers/new stock or services can act as a reminder about your business.  
  • It is also an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise or convey news that may interest the recipient.

And there's more..

  • You can clearly track the effectiveness of the mail campaign by tracking the click throughs to website and other links etc.
  • Personalise your message content by sending targeted message to customer segments.
  • Assists in growing your mailing list when you gain new subscribers.

Are You Sending The Right Message?  
Read this great article by Hubspot - "How To Create a Fantastic Email Newsletter [Checklist]"

Write a great headline on your email
180 power words for headlines from co.schedule to help you create a fantastic headline.

Low cost and effective
Email marketing is a cost effective method to communicate and market your business.  There are many email marketing providers and emails can be sent out either free or at low cost depending on volumes (we like mailchimp).

We recently published our   own newsletter   (will open in a new window)

We recently published our own newsletter (will open in a new window)

Sign up for the  Bright Chilli Newsletter  Today

Sign up for the Bright Chilli Newsletter Today

We can help

If you would like to find out more about email marketing for your business please email or call 0844 736 5611

Don't leave it too late to get your online store ready for Christmas.

According to the “weeks until christmas” website there are only 18 weekends until santa arrives!

Review the 5 steps below to optimise your website

Find out where you rank on Google and Bing, free website ranking report - see below

5 steps to optimise your website to assist convert new visitors into customers.

1. Products

  • Use great images to display your products
  • Sell the benefits - write great product descriptions to help the visitor learn more about the item.
  • Go one step further than the basics of size and dimensions and provide as much detail as possible.
  • Try to visualise if the visitor was in your store how you would describe the product to them.. it should be no different on your website.
  • Remember to include keywords in the product listing, keywords potential customers would type into a search engine eg brand names, product name etc (also known as SEO or search engine optimisation)

2. Cross Selling Products

Are you making the most of cross-selling opportunities? eg if you sell clothing - promote other items that match the product eg clothes to create an outfit  

3. Store Categories

If you know customers will be looking for Christmas gifts.  Create a new xmas category and make it easier for the new visitor to find exactly what they are looking for or a call to action category – “inspire me” (if appropriate for your business)

4. Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a powerful tool, we regularly look at reviews before making purchases from Amazon, John Lewis etc.

If you have the facility to include product reviews in your online store asking your previous customers to write reviews of products they have purchased.


5. Confidence

Give visitors confidence to make a purchase from your online store. Are the following clearly visible on your website?

  • Contact details eg phone number / email address
  • About us page - who you are, where you are, why you are different etc
  • Credit card / PayPal symbols
  • Delivery charges
  • Refund policy
  • Checkout systems clear and concise

Free SEO Website Ranking Report

Our website ranking report lets you see where your website ranks on Google and Bing with a comparison against competitors.

What we need to know

Send an email to with the following information:-

1.    Your business name 
2.    Business website
3.    Your name
4.    Contact email address
5.    Competitors websites - up to 4 websites
6.    Keywords you would like to track eg products, brands, service or think people would use to find your website  - up to 10 keywords*

* keywords are the terms people enter to find your business on the search engines for example to find Bright Chilli you can type in website optimisation dundee, search engine optimsation dundee, book-keeping tayside, seo tayside

We will collate the keyword ranking report and return it via email. 
T&C - business website must be located within in the UK.


Do you ask your customers for Google+ Reviews?

Customer Reviews are an important factor for Search Engine Optimisation  

There are great Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) benefits when reviews are gathered on third party sites eg Google+, Qype, Yelp, Facebook etc.  When reviews are added directly to your own website it doesn't have the same benefits for SEO.

Free Custom Review Instructions

We have found this great free tool to print out instructions for your business to help customers submit Google reviews via smartphone, desktop and mobile browser.

There are 3 pdfs available for Google review instructions:-

  • Smartphone

  • Desktop

  • Mobile browser

Access the Review Handout Generator

When To Ask Your Customers for a Review

Every business will know the best timing for its own clients and customers. All you need to do is work out the timing of handing out the report to ask your customers eg after appointment or by email 5 days after appointment etc


Make sure you are accessing your Google+ page regularly to check your reviews.

Earn Trust.. Earn Trust.. Earn Trust

What is the most important question in marketing something to someone who hasn't purchased from you before?

"Do they trust me enough to believe my promises?"

Does your marketing message convey that people can trust you? 

When reviewing our clients' websites we always raise the issue of trust. 

This is a great short article by Seth Godin -

How often do you thank your customers?

Thank your customers

A “Thank You” to let your customers know you appreciate them is a great way to grow your business.

Sara received a surprise parcel from a clothing company (Seasalt, (she started buying from them this year).  The parcel contained a jute bag and christmas card "Thank you for wearing us"

•    In customer mode - it is nice to receive a surprise gift with and a thank you to let you know your appreciated.

•    In business consultant mode - this is a great way to get a repeat sale from a customer and remind them about your business.

There are 4 ways to grow a business 

By “increasing the transaction frequency” a customer making a repeat purchase will help you grow your business. 

What can you do to thank your customers AND grow your business?