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What does your pen say about you?

It is National Stationery Week soon (27 April to 3 May 2015) and our friends and colleagues know we are stationery addicts!

Found a really interesting article on a website while buying stationery (but for the office, so that doesn't count.. right?)  "What does your favourite pen say about you"

Get Britain Writing - Find out more about National Stationery Week it's great for all ages.

Who will you write a letter to, or send a card or postcard?

The multi-function pens (below) are one of our favourites and the description in this article is pretty spot on. 

What's your favourite pen and do you agree with description in article? 

Getting away from the keyboard and exploring Dundee

Exploring Dundee and a Quick History Lesson

After a busy week book-keeping,  preparing wages, developing marketing strategies and optimising websites for our clients.

The Bright Chilli team like to get out and explore our lovely city, Dundee.  This weekend we climbed up 232 steps to the top of the St Marys Tower, Old Steeple in the Nethergate (thankfully there were a couple of rest stops on the way up!)

The tour takes an hour.  It’s fascinating to see inside this amazing building which is also one of the oldest surviving in Dundee and the views across the city are spectacular.

The tours are free but you need to book a place to find out dates of tours 

If you need more history facts - 

Can you recommend any tours or places we should visit in or near Dundee, Tayside.  

Northern Lights (near Dundee)

Amazing appearance by the the northern lights outside Sara’s house last night. 

I woke up at 1.15am and thought... "that’s a bit bright outside"... put my specs on and low and behold.. best and brightest display i have seen in the 2 years since I realised that’s what the bright light that randomly appeared at the back of house was.

The pictures are straight from camera no editing in photoshop. The green is slightly more vivid than the naked eye could see but you could clearly make out the green/purple spikes and curtains (waves of light across the sky)

you can view more aurora pics from this great group on flickr 

Aurora 1.38am

Aurora 1.47am

Aurora 1.49am

aurora 1.52am

A day away from the computer

It’s great to be able to take the day away from the computer and try something different. 

If you are looking to learn more about cooking or gain a new life skill, look no further than Sarah’s cook school Let's Cook Scotland in Abernethy. 

Sara spent Saturday:
• Learning about different types of sauces for fish
• Made beautiful herby fishcakes 
• Prepared baby squid
• Filleted a grey sole ( like a professional!)
• Descaled, gutted and filleted a sea bream.

You take lots of food home with you as well!

Scallops wrapped in proscuitto on a pea puree

Scallops wrapped in proscuitto on a pea puree

Chorizo, tomato and capers warm salad

Chorizo, tomato and capers warm salad

Lemon and Dill Mayonnaise

Lemon and Dill Mayonnaise

Salt and Pepper Deep Fried Baby Squid

Salt and Pepper Deep Fried Baby Squid

Baby squid looking at us before we prepared them for deep frying

Baby squid looking at us before we prepared them for deep frying