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Does your website work?

Seth Godin (marketing genius) recently posted an article about his book “The Big Red Fez” which I read in 2001.

Using the internet on a daily basis I am surprised at how many sites still don’t focus on the “basics” eg where are the contact details and that’s before you add in social media elements.

Take 5 minutes and have a look at your own website and review the following questions from Seth’s article:-

  • who is this site for?
  • how did they find out about it? 
  • what do you want them to do when they get here? 
  • how will they decide to do that, and what promises do you make to cause that action? 

 Seth also mentionsThe only reason to build a website is to change someone. If you can't tell me the change and you can't tell me the someone, then you're wasting your time.

Do you think your website will change someone? 

You can find the full article here -


 "Big Red Fez" by Seth Godin

 "Big Red Fez" by Seth Godin